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GMP Company has been in business for over a decade. The country we live in is abundant with resources necessary for our operation, it has been our inspiration, it illustrates our diverse needs and teaches us how to adapt to numerous requests of our buyers. We also use our favourable geographical position in sense of good transport connection to export markets.
GMP Company employs around 230 employees and this number is growing constantly. Much effort and work has been put in the furniture factory in order to turn ideas and aspirations into current products and business results.
At present, we are one of the most famous furniture factories in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.

Business activity

Our basic activity is production of upholstered furniture for residing purposes. We try to identify the products our buyers wish to buy, we try to fit in their possibilities and satisfy functionality and aesthetics requirements. Interior decoration style represents a life style to a certain degree, because the furniture, apart from it functionality, can show other sides of creativity and comfort.


GMP is a furniture factory orientated towards export and due to this we have developed a good transport organisation. We own a driving fleet which enables fast and efficient goods delivery and in this way we preserve trust and time of our buyers. We transport furniture to a final destination in adequate packaging so that the furniture arrives free of any damages and completely functional. Thanking to all these factors and transport price, end products are comfortably affordable to the buyer.
It is possible to find our furniture in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands.


Production of furniture which the buyers will gladly use to furnish their home.


Being among leading companies for production of upholstered furniture in BiH. Improving our products, knowledge, technologies and human resources, and thus contribute to the development of this branch of business in time.

Employment offer

We are always searching for the best employees! As simple as that, send us your CV and we will be pleased to accept it and should a need for new vacancies present itself we will inform you. This is your opportunity for a career. Use it.

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GMP Kompani d.o.o.
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